10% Off Clothes And Coffee

We have created a partnership with The Blackbean Coffee Company so our Blessed Bodywear family can save money on our two favorite things, Clothes and Coffee.

The Blackbean Coffee Company offers a coffee subscription service, and if you subscribe to it, you get 10% off Blackbean Coffee AND all of your purchases from Blessed Bodywear as long as you are a coffee club member.

There are no membership fees. You only need to visit the website, and after choosing your favorite coffee, you then subscribe to The Blackbean Coffee Club. After selecting the amount of coffee you want to be shipped to you each order and the frequency you want it sent to you, you complete your purchase. From then on, your coffee order will be automatically shipped to you, as you requested. You can cancel or adjust your order at any time. Blackbean Coffee Club members receive 10% off their purchases.

Once you have subscribed to The Blackbean Coffee Club, you will receive a 10% discount code for that you can use at checkout to enjoy your discount.

You will appreciate the savings, but you will LOVE the coffee. The Blackbean Coffee Company sources fine specialty coffee from around the world.


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