What Is Lite-Support Softmax?

Leggings should look good, but since most of us live in them every day, they should be incredibly comfortable. The design has a lot to do with that, but it's the fabric that can make the most significant difference. A few years ago, I went on a quest to find a new material that would offer body-shaping support while being soft and not restrictive for those times when our bodies are not in perfect shape. Working with one of our fabric suppliers, we developed the Softmax material that we use to make all of your squatpants and squatshorts. Our original Softmax fabric is a higher weight than the industry standard, and that fabric weight provides that incredible body-shaping support.

Our new Lite-Support Softmax fabric has the same properties and performance, but it is the lighter industry-standard weight fabric which offers less support but feels lighter on your body. We can provide more design options like our Booty-Scrunch Shorts, and soon we will have Booty-Scrunch full-length Squatpants as well as other designs.

If you want the support and feel you are accustomed to, our Original Softmax will be your best choice. If you don't need as much support and want a lighter feeling fabric, the Lite-Support Softmax is the fabric for you.

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