Vixen Squatpants - Crop Leg - Orchid (XS, S only)

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Vixen Squatpants Crop Leg - Orchid - Moderate High waist with V front

Designed for: yoga, running, plyos, weight training, DEEP squats, lounging, lifestyle

Features: Booty shaping high waistband to contour your natural shape, Elastic Free waistband to avoid muffin top, V taper front waistband to enhance hourglass shape.

Fabric: SoftMAX

Properties: Custom made for the softest feeling to touch, while still having hold and support.

Moisture Wicking, four way stretch, preshrunk, chafe resistant, breathable, UV protection, antibacterial Rise: High

SIZING CHART BELOW. (approximate as the fabric stretches to mold the body)

Pick size based on waist measurement:

XS WAIST 22-26 HIPS 32-34

S WAIST 26-29 HIPS 35-38

M WAIST 29-32 HIPS 38-41

L WAIST 33-37 HIPS 40-42

XL WAIST 38-41 HIPS 44-46